Manchester By The Sea is a meticulous, rich film: there’s such a depth to this story of a man living with unbearable grief, a sense of time and place and the changing of the seasons, you feel you could almost touch it.” –

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Manchester By The Sea premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Casey Affleck plays the role of an emotionally damaged Boston janitor, Lee. Lee is isolated, angry, and has an explosive temper. Discreet cuts to the past bring the viewer from the present, to the past, and the next without any major dramatic changes.

“It’s about the relationship between very sad, terrible losses and the connections to other people that make them painful and can also get you through them — or at least keep you afloat,” Lonergan said prior to the Festival. “You have a very damaged man and a very good-natured, cheerful, energetic, determined kid who are thrown together in a town where one doesn’t want to be and the other doesn’t want to leave.” –

Production companies: Pearl Street Films, The Media Farm, K Period Media, The Affleck/Middleton Project


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