Extinction, an original science fiction story created by Spenser Cohen, follows Peter, an engineer who fears losing his family to an alien invasion. The film is fast-paced and contains a plot twist that has intrigued audiences, causing it to be lauded as one of Netflix’s “best original movies.”

*This post does not contain spoilers.

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Extinction, one of 2013’s Black List scripts, transports audiences to the near future where Peter has nightmares of an alien invasion. His wife, Alice, is frustrated by his constant absence from family events and encourages him to seek help for his dreams. One night during a celebration at their apartment complex, an alien invasion begins. The family attempts to return to Peter’s office, a safe place, by running through the city’s tunnels. To find out how the movie ends, you’ll have to head over to Netflix and watch for yourself.

The cast features Michael Peña (“American Hustle”) as Peter, and Lizzy Caplan (“Now You See Me 2”) as Alice. Up and coming actresses Amelia Crouch and Erica Tremblay play their daughters, Hannah and Lucy, respectively.

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Australian director Ben Young became attached to the project after his movie Hounds of Love screened at the 2016 Venice film festival and it was one of many scripts sent to him.

“It was one that caught my eye, specifically because it was a science fiction film,” Young told Meaww. “It had all of the action and the thrills and spills that you’d expect from the genre but also, at its core, was about something which I think is really important and relevant to the world we’re living in at the moment.”

John Powers Middleton served as an executive producer on the project.

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