It appears as though Marvel has done the impossible: In the grand finale of their epic Avengers saga, they’ve managed to please critics and audiences, all while making an unbelievable amount of money.

The film currently sits at a rating of nearly nine out of ten on IMDB, while its Tomatometer and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes are both over 90 percent.

As Oliver Jones writes in the Observor, “What you will be getting when you walk into an inevitably overstuffed movie theater is something singular that reflects our age in a way that none of the MCU films that preceded it have-indeed, very few Hollywood spectacles ever have.”

The cast of Avengers: Endgame; Photo from Observor

Matthew Norman also sang the film’s praises in his review for the London Evening Standard entitled “Avengers: Endgame review – The first truly great superhero movie,” writing, “The only complaint about Avengers: Endgame is that it raises the bar so high that there may well never be a superhero movie to match it.”

While glowing reviews are certainly a good thing, another measurement of equal importance, if not more, nowadays, is its performance at the box office. Fortunately, the Avengers had nothing to worry about there either. In fact, its explosive $1.2 billion opening week is hurtling toward overtaking James Cameron‘s all-time highest-grossing record, which he broke in 2009 with Avatar.

As it stands, Endgame has already broken several records. Along with the record for highest-grossing opening weekend, it also took the prize for biggest domestic opening with $350 million in the United States, pulling ahead of the previous Avengers installment, Infinity War, as well as 2015’s Star Wars: Episode VII –  The Force AwakensEndgame also smashed the record for biggest foreign opening weekend with $859 million, finally beating out The Fate of the Furious‘s $443 million 2017 opening overseas. In China alone, Endgame racked up an astounding $330 million opening weekend.

Paul Rudd in Avengers: Endgame; Photo from Deadline

It’s truly the end of an era for Marvel fans, who have now followed the journey of this Avengers team for more than 20 films. The cast has repeatedly spoken of the emotional atmosphere on set as they prepared to pass the mantle on to the next great union of superheroes.

In the words of Captain America himself, Chris Evans, “Man, this one’s really good. I choked up like three times.”


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