Gold House, a nonprofit collective dedicated to bringing diverse stories to film, is launching an entertainment advisory council made up of industry leaders to incentivize inclusive representation in film. 

Through their global movement, #GoldOpen, the council — whose members include Albert Cheng (COO & head of TV, Amazon Studios), Abhijay Prakash (president, Universal Film Entertainment Group), Kim Yutani (Sundance Film Festival) and Franklin Leonard (The Black List) — will advise on which films will receive #GoldOpen support in the form of theater buyouts for screenings, social media, and press campaigns and global distribution opportunities (see the full list of Advisory Council members). Movies that have received such support since the venture’s inception in 2017 include “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Parasite” and “Just Mercy.” 

Kim Yutani, Franklin Leonard and Albert Cheng; photo from The Hollywood Reporter

The organization announced that #GoldOpen films will need to sign the Golden Rider, an educational agreement that acknowledges the significance of multicultural audiences. Gold House’s first initiative focuses on Asian films. To qualify for a future #GoldOpen, films will have to have “at least one authentically-portrayed Asian Lead and/or an Asian Director who has helmed a film that’s critical to another multicultural community.” 

Filmmakers can put their projects forward for #GoldOpen consideration by visiting the movement’s website. There you can also view a list of past films that have received the honor.

Gold House is steadily amplifying the voices of storytellers from across the Asian diaspora and starting a multicultural movement. This cross-industry collective of prominent storytellers, entrepreneurs and icons have all come together with a shared sense of purpose: to be authentically seen and heard and to accelerate the societal impact of diversity.

“We’ve been in awe of the #GoldOpen community’s passion and impact; change on the ground has created changes at the top that will accelerate the stories our community has been searching for. We now know #GoldOpen can have a profoundly positive impact on a film’s opening weekend success,” Gold House’s #GoldOpen directors, Yao King and Josh Jun, said in a statement. “The #GoldOpen Advisory Council ushers the movement’s next phase by enhancing its transparency and amplifying its cross-industry impact for both artfully independent and big-budget blockbusters. Further, the Gold Rider helps to educate the broader industry about our community’s imperative consumption.”

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