John Powers Middleton produced a number of film projects through The Affleck/Middleton Project and Good Universe, and also with Vertigo Entertainment and Warner Brothers Entertainment. He has worked with Univision Radio, Fox 21 Television Studios, and Warner Bros. Television. Previously released and forthcoming projects are listed below:



Minecraft: The Movie (upcoming)

John Powers Middleton with Seth Rogen
John Powers Middleton with Seth Rogen, star in 2017’s The Disaster Artist.

The Lego Movie Sequel (upcoming)


The Stand (upcoming)


Death Note (executive producer)

Rings (executive producer)

Sleepless (executive producer)

The Disaster Artist (executive producer)

The Lego Batman Movie (executive producer)

The Lego Ninjago Movie (executive producer)

The Woods (executive producer)


John Powers Middleton_Lego Batman
John Powers Middleton was an executive producer for The Lego Batman Movie in 2017.

      Don’t Breathe (executive producer)

Manchester By The Sea (executive producer)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (executive producer)

The Boy (executive producer)


Run All Night (executive producer)

Poltergeist (executive producer)

Hidden (executive producer)


The Voices (executive producer)

The Lego Movie (co-producer)

John Powers Middleton and Casey Affleck
John Powers Middleton and Casey Affleck, star of Manchester By The Sea

Flight 7500 (executive producer)


Oldboy (executive producer)

Undroppable (producer)


Bates Motel (executive producer – 20 episodes, 2013-2014; consulting producer – 10 episodes, 2015)


The Alfonso Aguilar Show (creator, producer – 2012- present)

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